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Comprehensive School Reform / Elementary (CSRQ)

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Limited Evidence Programs

Listed below are currently available programs, listed alphabetically.

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Description Contact / Website
limited evidence ATLAS Communities Offers a model for systematic change that leads to continuous improvement by changing the ways teachers and administrators think and work. The comprehensive approach is developed through the adoption of five key elements: teaching and learning, assessment, professional development, management and decision making, and family and community.

E-mail: iatlas@edc.org
Website: www.atlascommunities.org

limited evidence Different Ways of Knowing Model based on a curriculum that uses the performing, visual, literary, and media arts to provide students with different ways to understand themselves and their surroundings. Website: www.differentways.org
limited evidence Integrated Thematic Instruction Helps local administrators and classroom teachers use research of the human brain to guide the selection on curriculum and instructional strategies so that schools are transformed into safe learning communities that develop responsive citizens. E-mail: skovalik@theCenter4Learning.com
Website: www.theCenter4Learning.com/
limited evidence Modern Red Schoolhouse Model based on the theory that for students to achieve high academic standards, school and classroom practices should accommodate the different needs of each student. Each Modern Red Schoolhouse program is custom designed to meet the individual needs of schools and districts. E-mail: info@mrsh.org
Website: www.mrsh.org
limited evidence Pearson Achievement Solutions (Formerly Co-nect) Provides district wide professional learning plans that are focused on improving the school and transforming the culture of teaching. Pearson Achievement Solutions’ plans can include expanding district and school improvement efforts, developing the decision making process, enhancing instruction, and maximizing professional growth. E-mail: info@PearsonAchievement.com
Website: www.pearsonachievement.com
limited evidence Ventures Initiative and Focus System Provides for comprehensive professional development that helps teachers focus on active learning and problem solving.
E-mail: info@vesc-education.com
Website: www.vesc-education.com

*Evidence Rating:

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limited evidenceLimited Evidence of Effectiveness


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