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Mathematics / Elementary

Limited Evidence Programs

Program Ratings

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
limited evidence Accelerated Mathematics CAI Supplementary program that prints out assignments for students based on their level of performance.
Website: www.renlearn.com/am/
limited evidence Dynamic Pedagogy IP Program that provides teachers with workshops in math strategies. Contact Eleanor Armour-Thomas at armourthomas@yahoo.com
limited evidence Every Day Counts IP An interactive K-6 bulletin-board program designed to supplement ordinary math instruction with discussions about math concepts built around the calendar and other classroom routines. Website: www.greatsource.com
limited evidence Excel Math MC K-6 math curriculum that focuses on problem solving, integrated lessons, and development of thinking skills.
Website: www.excelmath.com
limited evidence Everyday Mathematics MC NSF-supported curriculum that emphasizes problem solving and concepts. Website: www.wrightgroup.com or everydaymath.uchicago.edu/
limited evidence Growing with Mathematics MC Core mathematics program for PreK-5.
Website: www.wrightgroup.com
limited evidence Houghton-Mifflin Mathematics MC Standard math curriculum that has a focus on skill building, problem solving, and concept mastery.
Website: www.eduplace.com/math
limited evidence Knowing Mathematics MC Remedial program for students performing below grade level.
Website: http://www.eduplace.com/profdev/knowing1
limited evidence Mastery Learning IP A strategy in which time to learn is adjusted to fit aptitude. Students proceed to new material only after basic prerequisite material is mastered.
No contact information available
limited evidence Lightspan CAI Supplementary integrated learning system. Also provides CAI programs for home use
Website: www.plato.com (Note: Lightspan and Plato Learning have merged.)
limited evidence Project CHILD IP/CAI Program that uses cooperative learning, multi-age grouping, extensive computer-assisted instruction, and other features. Website: www.ifsi.org/projectchild

MC = Mathematics Curricula, CAI = Computer-Assisted Instruction, IP = Instructional Process Programs

*Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings.

limited evidenceLimited Evidence of Effectiveness: At least one qualifying study with a significant positive effect and/or median ES=+0.10 or more.


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