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Mathematics / Elementary

Top-Rated Programs

Listed below are currently available programs, grouped by strength of effectiveness. Within each group, programs are listed alphabetically. The type for each program corresponds to the categories listed below the table (e.g., IP = Instructional Process Programs).

Program Ratings

Strong Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
strong evidence Classwide Peer Tutoring IP Pair learning approach in which children take turns as teacher and learner. Contact Charles Greenwood at greenwood@ku.edu.
strong evidence Missouri Mathematics Program IP Program focusing on active teaching, classroom management, motivation. No contact information available.
strong evidence Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) IP Structured pair learning strategy in which children take turns as teachers and learners. Website: www.kc.vanderbilt.edu/pals
strong evidence Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (now disseminated as PowerTeaching: Mathematics) IP Structured cooperative learning program in which students work in 4-member teams.

Website: www.successforall.org

Contact: powerteaching@successforall.org

strong evidence TAI Math IP/MC Structured cooperative learning program in which students work on individualized materials in 4-member teams. Contact Brent Farmer, Charlesbridge Publishing, 800-225-3214, or bfarmer@charlesbridge.com
Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
moderate evidence Classworks CAI Supplementary integrated learning system.
Website: www.curriculumadvantage.com
moderate evidence Cognitively Guided Instruction IP Program that provides teachers with workshops in math strategies. Contact Linda Levi, Teachers Development Group, at linda.levi@teachersdg.org
moderate evidence Connecting Math Concepts IP/MC IP Structured approach to math with grouping by performance. Website: www.sraonline.com/math
moderate evidence Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline IP Program that emphasizes classroom management, student engagement.
Contact Jerome Freiberg, University of Houston, at cmcd@uh.edu.
moderate evidence Project SEED IP Supplementary program that has mathematicians teach advanced topics in math to supplement regular instruction. Website: www.projectseed.org
moderate evidence Small-Group Tutoring IP Provides tutoring in small groups for struggling first graders. Contact Lynn Fuchs, Vanderbilt University, at lynn.fuchs@vanderbilt.edu

*Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings.

strong evidenceStrong Evidence of Effectiveness

moderate evidenceModerate Evidence of Effectiveness

MC = Mathematics Curricula, CAI = Computer-Assisted Instruction, IP = Instructional Process Programs


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