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Mathematics / Middle and High School

Limited Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
limited evidence Cognitive Tutor CAI An intelligent tutoring system that emphasizes algebra problem solving. Working on computers, students carry out investigations of real-world problems using spreadsheets, graphers, and symbolic calculators.

E-mail: info@carnegielearning.com
Website: www.carnegielearning.com


limited evidence Core-Plus Mathematics MC Integrated mathematics curriculum that emphasizes applications and mathematical modeling, use of graphing calculators, and small-group collaborative learning through problem-based investigations.

E-mail: cpmp@wmich.edu
Website: www.wmich.edu/cpmp

limited evidence Expert Mathematician CAI A program in which students are taught to use the LOGO programming language and proceed through a constructivist, integrated series of computer and workbook activities emphasizing problem solving and creativity.

Complete contact form at:
Website: www.expertmath.org


limited evidence Jostens CAI Provides an extensive set of assessments which place students according to their current levels of performance and then gives students exercises designed primarily to fill in gaps in their skills.

Complete contact form at: www.compasslearning.com/Contact/Default.aspx
Website: www.compasslearning.com

limited evidence Math Thematics MC Encourages students to investigate mathematical concepts through exploratory, activity based learning. Complete contact form at: www.classzone.com/cz/contact_us.htm
limited evidence Partnership for Access to Higher Mathematics (PATH) IP A program for at-risk eighth graders that focuses on improving curriculum and instruction with use of constructivist approaches, manipulatives, and technology.

No website available.

limited evidence Plato CAI An integrated learning system that has been evaluated as a remedial program.

Complete contact form at: www.plato.com/

Website: www.plato.com

limited evidence Prentice-Hall Course 2 MC A traditional, seventh grade curriculum that emphasizes proportional reasoning.

Complete contact form at: www.k12pearson.com/contactus/

Website: www.phschool.com/home.html

limited evidence Saxon Math MC A program that emphasizes teaching in small, incremental steps, ensuring mastery of each concept before the next step is introduced.

E-mail: info@SaxonPublishers.com
Website: saxonpublishers.harcourtachieve.com

limited evidence Talent Development Mathematics IP Standards-based curriculum combined with computer-based mathematics that develops advanced skills in geometry, data, and algebra. E-mail: lmuskauski@csos.jhu.edu
Website: www.csos.jhu.edu/tdhs

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limited evidenceLimited Evidence of Effectiveness


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