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Mathematics / Middle and High School

Other Programs

Program Ratings
Insufficient Evidence
insufficient evidence Accelerated Math
Connected Mathematics
I Can Learn
Interactive Mathematics Program
Learning Logic Lab
Mastery Learning
Mathematics in Context
Prentice Hall Algebra
SIMMS Integrated Mathematics
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP)
No Qualifying Studies

Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Series
CAP Mnemonic Instruction
College Preparatory Mathematics
Compass Learning
Connecting Math Concepts
Concepts in Algebra, Everyday Learning
CORD Contextual Mathematics, CORD Applied Mathematics, CORD Algebra 1
Corrective Mathematics
Destination Math
Focus on Algebra, Addison Wesley Longman
Fun Math
Generalizable Mathematics Skills Instructional Intervention
Geometric Supposers
Glencoe Mathematics & Pre-Algebra
Hawaii Algebra Learning Project (HALP)
Heath Mathematics Connection
Heath Passport to Mathematics
Introducing Math Teachers to Inquiry
Mastering Fractions
Math Advantage
Math and Science Academy
Math Blaster Mystery
MATH Connections
Math Corps Summer Camp
Math Matters
Mathematics in Context (6-8)
Mathematics: Modeling our World, COMAP/ARISE
Mathematics Plus
McGraw-Hill Algebra 1
Middle Grade Mathematics Renaissance
Middle School Family Math
Middle School Math through Applications
Model Mathematics Program
Moving With Math
Multimedia Probability & Statistics
Orchard Software
Peoria Urban Mathematics Plan for Algebra
Powerful Connections
Project AutoMath
QUASAR Project
Rice University School Mathematics Project
Saturday Academy
Scott Foresman Middle School Math
Southern California Regional Algebra Project
SuccessMaker, CCC
TASS Tutorial Program, Blitz
TGT (Teams-Games-Tournament)
Transition to Geometry (summer program)
University of Illinois at Chicago All Learn Mathematics
Voyager Math
Wayang Outpost Interactive Tutoring System
Word Problem Solving Tutor, Apangea

*Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings.

insufficient evidence Insufficient Evidence: Studies show no significant differences

N No Qualifying Studies: No studies met inclusion standards


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