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Mathematics / Middle and High School

Top-Rated Programs

Listed below are currently available programs, grouped by strength of effectiveness. Within each group, programs are listed alphabetically. The type for each program corresponds to the categories above (e.g., IP = Instructional Process Strategies).

Program Ratings
Strong Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
strong evidence IMPROVE IP-Cooperative Learning A program that combines cooperative learning, metacognitive instruction, and mastery learning that accommodates student diversity in a heterogeneous classroom. E-mail: mevarz@mail.biu.ac.il
strong evidence Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD)(now disseminated as PowerTeaching: Mathematics) IP-Cooperative Learning A cooperative learning program in which students work in 4-member heterogeneous groups to help each other master academic content. Teachers follow a schedule of teaching, team work, and individual assessment.

Website: www.successforall.org

Contact: powerteaching@successforall.org

Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness
moderate evidenceNone

MC = Mathematics Curricula, CAI = Computer-Assisted Instruction, IP = Instructional Process Strategies

*Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings.

strong evidenceStrong Evidence of Effectiveness

moderate evidenceModerate Evidence of Effectiveness


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