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The documents below are intended to be used as handouts at meetings or for quick knowledge updates on evidence-based education.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About the BEE
  • BEE flier (1-page) (HTML | PDF 323k)
  • Evidence-Based Education Reform two-page brief (HTML | PDF 229k)
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Adopting and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices two-page brief (HTML | PDF 165k)
  • Standards for Research-Proven Programs (two-page checklist) (HTML | PDF 98k)
  • Meta-Findings from the Best Evidence Encyclopedia (PowerPoint, 363k)

Related Links

For additional information summarizing research on programs for children and youth, please see the following websites:

Voices from the Field

This section includes interviews with education professionals describing their experience using research-proven education programs and practices in their schools or districts.

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